Comedy Central - The Roast of Gorden

Gordon is a Dutch singer, presenter and what not. He is well known for his low brow approach and for that you might say the perfect celebrity to introduce the first adaptation of Comedy Central’s Roast in The Netherlands.

The production for The Gordon Roast leader was completely done in-house while I was working at Viacom Amsterdam. I helped out creating all the 3D animations such as various logo, text and transitional elements. The show was semi-live so some of it was also used during the recording on stage. Specifically for this I created an animated background that was looping on a 12 meter wide LED wall.


Logo animation. Live stage. 12 meter wide LED wall loop.


Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Judith Peters - VP Marketing & Products
Madeleine Engström - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Lead designer, Motion Graphic Design
Rein Blank - Design / 3D Motion Graphics
Magic Group Media - Key-Art/Photo Retouching
Johannes Maas - Key-Art/Graphic Design
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design
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